Roads and Grading

Double Tree Forest Mulching can help with road or path clearing and maintenance.  Bike and walking paths, cart paths, forest roads, right-of-way and service roads and just a sampling of what we can help with.


Double Tree Forest Mulching turn a dense forest/brush area into a path safe for people to use.  Mulching converts vegetation into an environmentally safe ground cover.

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What are some of the environmental projects best served by forestry mulching?

Restoring and maintaining natural resources and conservation lands are vital to the survival of much of our native wildlife. Forestry mulching is the most cost-effective, least invasive way to address conservation and restoration projects. Removing heavy brush, vegetative overgrowth, and invasive plant and tree species allows the native grasses and plant life to return and thrive. Restoring accessibility to natural habitats with lush grasses, abundant plant life, and clean water is the key to protecting our wildlife.

Forestry mulching is ideal for public and private landowners who want to maintain habitats for pheasants, doves, and deer. Maintaining open spaces for the growth of food sources as well as clear access to shelter and water are essential to creating suitable habitats.