Double Tree Forest Mulching

We are a service business that turns existing dead and sick trees, excess brush, and other organic environmental and fire hazards into organic and healthy mulch.  We clean trees, brush, and more from both public and private land and forests.

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Forest Mulching Services

  • Transforming existing dead, old, and/or sick trees, brush, and other organic materials into mulch that can be used for healthy forest floors and land soil
  • Clearing and grading roads, paths, trails, and more on land and in forests
  • Creating property lines, fence lines, and building site preparation
  • Removing and mulching forest and land fire fuel to significantly reduce forest and land fire risk
  • Create defensible space around homes
  • Turning unwanted trees into wood and lumber for building, development, selling
  • Creating and maintaining healthy and thriving forests, land and ecosystems

Double Tree Forest Mulching's overall goal is to be the number on forest mulching service provider in the Pacific Northwest, providing first class service to Idaho and Washington.

We aim to create and maintain healthy and thriving forests and land and help decrease fire risk by clearing excess fuel.  More combustible material means hotter fires that do more property damage, an effective forest mulching program benefits both public and private property owners alike as well as land management agencies.