Loggers usually leave a mess, we can clean up behind them; stumps, slash, and logs are no match for our powerful equipment.


Double Tree Forest Mulching can turn unwanted trees into useable wood and lumber that is perfect for building, development, selling, etc.

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Are there limitations on the type of land, the terrain, or specific weather conditions?

Not usually. Mulching units are uniquely suited for steep slopes, small spaces, and tight or narrow passages. The compact size coupled with a track system allows the machinery to work well in poor ground conditions as well as wet and rainy weather. No matter the season, forestry mulching can be performed year round.

Why is mulching environmentally preferred over tradition land clearing techniques?

With a thick layer of mulch spread over the cutting area, the topsoil layer is replenished as the mulch decomposes. When the tree root is kept in place, the basic structure of the soil is maintained leading to a reduction in soil erosion. In addition, the thick layer of mulch slows vegetative regrowth, further reducing maintenance costs. Forestry mulching also maintains the beautiful, natural look of a well maintained forest-like environment.